Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Faculty of EDICT (Engineering,Design and ICT)
Programme Title (Arabic) الدبلوم في التسويق عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي
Acronym / Abbreviation* DSM
Nature Specialisation
Programme Code DSM6001 Programme Duration 2 Year/Cycle Programme Level Level 6
Programme Credits 240 Award Category Diploma
Effective From 2023/2024 Sem 1
Owner School of Creative Media
Professional Body
Professional Body Recognition Status Effective From Interim Date Professional Bodies Contact Person Evidence
Employability Skills Yes 04/01/2021        
Target Groups*
High School Graduates
International Students
People in Employment
Targeted Industry Groups
Qualification Completion Requirements Criteria

Awarded where candidates have met all of the requirements below:

  • Successful completion of, or exemption from, all courses listed in Schedule A.

  • Accumulation of 15 credits of courses as National Requirements.

  • Successful completion of an overall 30 credits of electives from levels 6 and 7.


  • Completion of courses to accumulate a minimum of 240 credits.




Programme Overview*

Bahrain Polytechnic has been established by the Bahrain Government to address the need for a skilled Bahraini workforce to support economic growth and development. To support the development of the workforce Bahrain Polytechnic aims to produce graduates with applied, professional qualifications. It is widely acknowledged that the opportunities provided by the internet could be a key enabler for growth in any modern economy.    

In its relatively short history, the Social Media and Digital Marketing have become a highly complex system that is increasingly important to the way people do business, communicate, study, and access information and entertainment. It is among the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Many enterprises and governments in the GCC are recognizing this new status by creating specific job titles that call for specialist Social Media marketing skills.

The Diploma in Social Media Marketing addresses the unique requirements of the business world, developing digital marketing skills for the growing local needs of e-Commerce and e-Marketing by recognising the interrelated nature of Visual design, Strategic Communication and Marketing.

The World Wide Web is the core framework of the diploma programme, with Design, Development and Business elements as major areas of study within that framework.

The Diploma in Social Media Marketing is a standalone qualification, designed for students to achieve the required core technical skills and knowledge by the successful completion of the courses specified in the programme`s study plan. These students will have completed at least 4 semesters of study towards the diploma and upon successful completion may continue on to Associate Degree (Level 7) and Bachelor's Degree (Level 8).




Entry and Selection*

Along with the general entry requirements, applicants must show competence in English and Mathematics.

These specific requirements may be met by the successful completion of:

  • AP4203 English 2


  • AP4101 Mathematics 2 (General)


  • Passing English and Mathematics Entry tests at the required level or equivalent.





Selection and Criteria and Process*

When there are more eligible applicants than available places, then priority will be given to applicants who have achieved the selection criteria:

Selection Criteria:

  • Successful completion of the Foundation programme at Bahrain Polytechnic

  • Results from programme entry tests

  • Preparedness for and commitment to academic study, based on academic track record.

Selection Process:

  • Students who have met entry requirements through the Bahrain Polytechnic Foundation programme will be given first priority.

  • Priority for all other applicants will be on the basis of entry test results and selection criteria.




Major Selection Criteria*





Accreditation / External Approval Requirements*

To be placed on the NQF Framework




Attendance Requirements*

Institutional attendance requirements are described in the policy Student Attendance A-AB-006. There are no programme specific attendance requirements; however, certain courses will require students to organise and implement web media projects outside of scheduled class times.





Qualification Overview*

The Diploma in Social Media Marketing qualification is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic and ever-growing field of social media marketing. This comprehensive programme covers a wide range of topics related to social media marketing, including strategy development, content creation, campaign management, analytics, and more. They will also explore key concepts such as audience segmentation, influencer marketing, and paid social media advertising.

In the first year of the programme, students study a range of core subjects: Web Design, Project Management, Introduction to eMarketing and Social Media, 3D Modeling & Animation, Marketing Research, Strategic Communication and Web Content Creation and English. In the second, year students develop technical skills further and study the business side of the Digital Marketing industry. Students may then choose to proceed to the Associate Degree level and undertake the rest of the required core courses as per the relevant Associate Degree study plan (360 credits), and subsequently to Bachelor's Degree level to complete the remaining year 4 courses (480 credits). 




Qualification Aim*

The Diploma in Social Media Marketing aims to develop contemporary professional and employability skills for the growing local needs of eCommerce and eGovernment by addressing the interrelated nature of online communications including Visual Design, Content Creation and Marketing skills, using the World Wide Web as the core framework of the programme.

The Social Media Marketing diploma programme is distinctively “hands-on”, and highly interactive, yet aware of relevant local, regional and international issues.




Graduate Pathways and Destination*

Graduates are able to pathway on to the following qualifications at Bahrain Polytechnic:

  • Associate Degree in Web Media (Level 7, 360 credits)

  • Bachelor of Web Media (Level 8, 480 credits)

Students may apply to continue on with their registration at Bahrain Polytechnic to undertake the Associate Degree and then the Bachelor of Web Media degree once the Diploma has been successfully completed. To be awarded the Bachelor’s degree, students will first have to complete the Associate Degree.

Graduates are likely to be employed as follows, using the specific skills gained in this qualification:

  • Social Media Content Developers

  • Social Media Strategists

  • Social Media Managers

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Managers

  • Social Media Advertisers

  • eContent managers for business and government

  • e-Marketers

  • Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

  • Strategic Communication Specialists

  • Audio-Video producers

  • Web and Graphic Designers




Other Information*

Employability Skills Generic Definitions:

Communication: Communicate in ways that contribute to productive and harmonious relationships across employees and customers.

Team Work: Work effectively independently and in collaboration with others.

Problem Solving: Think critically and respond appropriately to changing needs within a growing and diversifying economy.

Initiative and Enterprise: Apply resourcefulness, innovation and strategic thinking to a range of workplace situations.

Planning and Organisation: Plan and manage their working lives.

Self Management: Demonstrate self discipline and adaptability, and be able to plan and achieve personal and professional goals.

Learning: Understand the need for and engage with continuous learning throughout the lifespan.

Technology: Utilize information technology effectively and ethically in their personal and professional lives.





Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the aesthetic, and technological aspects of Social Media Strategy Development.
Demonstrate an understanding of local, regional and global issues associated with Internet-based communication.
Master written, oral and visual skills relevant to online communication.
Use digital media technologies and strategies in appropriate professional contexts.
Engage in dialogue on issues relevant to the modern Web Marketing landscape
Practice as a Social Media professional and team player using 21st-century skills.

Semester Schedules

Year 1 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
EL6001 English for EDICT 3
WM6009 Introduction to eMarketing
WM6003 Web Design
Course Code Title
BU6012 Project Management

Year 1 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
WM7002 3D Modeling and Animation 1
EL6002 English for EDICT 4
WM6008 Strategic Web Communication
Course Code Title
BU7103 Marketing Research

Year 2 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
WM6006 Audio & Video 1
WM6007 Content Management 1
NR National Requirements
WM8006 eCommerce and Entrepreneurship
Course Code Title
NR-Arabic National Requirements- Arabic

Year 2 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
ED7000 Applied Project
WM8001 Audio and Video 2
WM7007 Web Marketing
WM8003 e-Business