Diploma in Business (Human Resources)

Faculty of Business and Logistics
Programme Title (Arabic) الدبلوم في إدارة الأعمال (الموارد البشرية)
Acronym / Abbreviation* Dip Bus HR
Nature Specialisation
Programme Code BBS6012 Programme Duration 2 Year/Cycle Programme Level Level 6
Programme Credits 240 Award Category Diploma
Effective From 2022/2023 Sem 1
Owner School of Business
Professional Body
Professional Body Recognition Status Effective From Interim Date Professional Bodies Contact Person Evidence
Employability Skills Yes 04/01/2021        
Target Groups*
High School Graduates
Qualification Completion Requirements Criteria

Awarded where candidates have met all of the requirements below (240 credits):

  • Successful completion of all courses listed in schedule A, including 45 credits of English courses

  •  Completion of the National Requirements courses

Programme Overview*

The Diploma in Business (Human Resources) is designed to equip students with detailed knowledge of various business-related aspects with more focus on Human Resources knowledge and skills, and to prepare students to become future competent HR Professionals. The diploma programme is delivered in student-centered learning environment, in which students will be given group 
projects, problem solving activities, case studies and independent work integrated learning which will include Resourcing and Talent Management, planning, decision making, and concepts of International HRM. This program will focus on traditional business and specifically Human Resources coursework, such as gaining knowledge and skills related to various business aspects such as Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing and English, but also provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Human Resources concepts and knowledge for decision making and effective recruitment.  

Entry and Selection*

General entry requirements such as secondary school achievement, English and Mathematics are described in the Student Admission Policy A/AB/006. Specific entry requirements for 
this qualification, beyond those described in the Student Admission Policy are as follows:

  •  Academic
  • Applicants must demonstrate competence in English and in Mathematics. These requirements may be met by:
  • The successful completion of:

                               AP4203 English 2
                               AP4101 Mathematics 2 or similar
or passing English and Mathematics Selection Tests at the required level.

  •  Applicants who do not meet all of the entry criteria above may be considered for special or provisional entry
Selection and Criteria and Process*

Where there are more applicants who meet the programme entry criteria than can be accepted, the following shall be used:
Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to students who have successfully completed the Certificate of Academic Preparation programmes at Bahrain Polytechnic and have clearly demonstrated an 
aptitude for Business and a commitment to their study.
Results from programme entry tests will be used to select students with the highest likelihood of successfully completing the diploma programme.
Selection Process
Applicants may be required to attend an interview.
Consideration of work experience and prior educational achievement may be used.

Major Selection Criteria*


Accreditation / External Approval Requirements*

None specific to this qualification

Attendance Requirements*

Attendance requirements are described in the policy Student Attendance A/AB/006.

Qualification Overview*

The qualification encompasses two years of full-time academic study in the broad Business disciplines at NQF levels 6 and 7.  The intention is to build up core knowledge in a range of areas, with more emphasis on accounting, including marketing, finance, quantitative techniques, research methods, economics, management, information systems and law; to develop general academic capacity and to introduce sociological and ethical issues in business.

The qualification also includes English language courses and National Requirement courses.


Qualification Aim*

The overall aim of the Diploma in Business (Human Resources) is to provide students with detailed knowledge and advanced skills in the area of  Human Resources.

Graduate Pathways and Destination*

Pathways Diagram

Postgraduate Study




                                       

Bachelor of Business

(Years 3 and 4)





(Human Resources)






Secondary school graduates

Certificate of Academic Preparation


















Employment Opportunities: This programme prepares students for the following careers and/or employment opportunities (but not limited to):

  • Sales assistant

  • Merchandising and marketing assistant

  • Business research assistant

  • Customer relationship representatives

  • Business owner

  • HR Personnel

Other Information*

Employability Skills Generic Definition:


Communicate in ways that contribute to productive and harmonious relationships across employees and customers.

Team work

Work effectively independently and in collaboration with others.

Problem solving

Think critically and respond appropriately to changing needs within a growing and diversifying economy.

Initiative and enterprise

Apply resourcefulness, innovation and strategic thinking to a range of workplace situations.

Planning and organisation

Plan and manage their working lives.


Demonstrate self-discipline and adaptability and be able to plan and achieve personal and professional goals.


Understand the need for and engage with continuous learning throughout the lifespan.


Utilize information technology effectively and ethically in their personal and professional lives.


Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of core business concepts and a broad understanding of the changing business environment and the Human Resources field.
Evaluate business and Human Resources perspectives and adapt strategies to deal with varied (defined and some undefined) business contexts
Practice as a professional Human Resources personnel using 21st century skills.

Semester Schedules

Year 1 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
BU6005 Introduction to Accounting
EL5001 Introduction to English Communication
BU6004 Introduction to Management
BU6001 Introduction to Marketing

Year 1 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
EL5002 English Communication for Research, Reading and Writing in the Disciplines
BU6007 Introduction to Economics
NR National Requirements
BU6006 Quantitative Business Methods
Course Code Title
NR-Arabic National Requirements- Arabic

Year 2 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
EL6003 English Skills A
BU7002 Human Resource Management
BU6009 Introduction to Finance
BU6012 Project Management

Year 2 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
BU7701 Employee Relations
BU7702 International Human Resource Management
BU7099 Internship
BU7700 Resourcing and Talent Management