Course Details

Course Code: EN6914
Course Title: Mathematics for Engineers 2
Short Title: Maths 2
Course Level:: Level 6
Valid From:: 2022/2023 Sem 1
Credits:: 15
Owner: Engineering Technology
Assessment Method: Achievement
Course Aim

To provide students with detailed knowledge and understanding of differential and integral calculus, and develop the ability to formulate and solve models of simple engineering systems.

On Completion of this course, the learner will be able to
# Learning Outcome Description
1 Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the principles of important functions used in the mathematical and engineering sciences
2 Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the fundamental concepts of limits and evaluate the limits of functions.
3 Solve advanced engineering problems by applying differentiation and integration methods
4 Solve second and higher order differential equations for engineering applications.
5 Demonstrate detailed knowledge of and use the basic concepts of probability and statistics in the engineering problem-solving process
6 Demonstrate detailed knowledge of and apply sequences and series for engineering applications
No requisites
Assessment Type
Examination (Unseen)
Assessment Type
Examination (Unseen)
No Other Controlled Assessments
Uncontrolled Assessments
Assessment Type
Project (Group)

The institute reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment

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