Course Details

Course Code: EN8922
Course Title: Engineering Project Management and Quality
Short Title: EPQM
Course Level:: Level 8
Valid From:: 2019/2020 Sem 1
Credits:: 10
Owner: Engineering Technology
Assessment Method: Achievement
Course Aim

Develop project management processes and expand on all areas of knowledge in internationally recognized project management standards. 
Develop analytical and management tools necessary to solve quality problems and implement effective quality and tools and systems

On Completion of this course, the learner will be able to
# Learning Outcome Description
1 Formally initiate project and develop project management plans, applying an international project management standard and professional codes of conduct, taking into account legal, economic, safety, environmental and societal context.
2 Execute, monitor and control project work and formally close a project, expanding on all knowledge areas of an international standard.
3 Critically analyze and solve complex engineering problems by adopting operations management, sustainable engineering solutions, and quality control techniques based on the engineering ethics.
  • Pre Requisite: 60 credits of mandatory L7 BEngTech courses
Assessment Type
Examination (Unseen)
No Other Controlled Assessments
Uncontrolled Assessments
Assessment Type
Project (Group)
Assessment Type
Project (Group)
Assessment Type
Project (Individual)

The institute reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment

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