Course Details

Course Code: GS7001
Course Title: Special Project (15 Credits Level 7)
Short Title: Special Project 15 Cr L7
Course Level:: Level 7
Valid From:: 2015/2016 Sem 1
Credits:: 15
Owner: School of Foundation
Assessment Method: Achievement
Course Aim

Facilitate the generation, development, application and evaluation of ideas and information in a project using a Problem Based Learning approach.

On Completion of this course, the learner will be able to
# Learning Outcome Description
1 Apply problem solving processes to develop & present solutions.
2 Reflect on problem solving processes and review the adequacy of solutions.
  • Pre Requisite: Degree Entry Level English
  • Anti Requisite: Projects will be refused where the project repeats or is similar to any project already carried out by the proposer.
No Examinations
No Other Controlled Assessments
Uncontrolled Assessments
Assessment Type
Project (Individual)

The institute reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment

Affiliated Entities
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GS0002 General Studies 1 Programme