Course Details

Course Code: EN8912
Course Title: Applied Thermodynamics
Short Title: Applied Thermo
Course Level:: Level 8
Valid From:: 2016/2017 Sem 1
Credits:: 15
Owner: Engineering Technology
Assessment Method: Achievement
Course Aim

Investigate heat energy conversion as they apply to the industry and shedding light over alternatives by introducing renewable energy.

On Completion of this course, the learner will be able to
# Learning Outcome Description
1 Demonstrate advanced knowledge in energy and mass balances principles, and critical knowledge of industrial thermodynamic application.
2 Compare ideal power cycles to real engines, and describe, investigate and understand advanced principles of work and energy conversion as well as their applications in thermal cycles.
3 Critically evaluate limitations of real cycle efficiencies, evaluate numerical data, measure efficiency and provide solutions to industrial problems.
4 Critically analyse, research and evaluate alternative energy sources, and explore their application for environmental sustainability.
  • Pre Requisite: EN7919 and minimum of 60 level 7 credits from the B.EngTec (Mechanical)
  • Anti Requisite: ENB6915
Assessment Type
Examination (Unseen)
No Other Controlled Assessments
Uncontrolled Assessments
Assessment Type
Practical Project
Assessment Type
Blended Learning

The institute reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment

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