Group Details

Title Visual Design Studio Option
Credits 15
Group Effective Date 2018/2019 Sem 2
Group Faculty Visual Design

Structure of the Group

Credits Courses
Core or Stream Title Description Min Max AND/OR Min Max
Studio Option Studio Option Accumulation of at least 105 credits from Studio Option courses including at least 15 credits at level 8 105 105 and 0 0


Year 0 / Semester 1

Studio Option
Course Code Title
VC7909 Branding in Advertising
VC7906 Digital Design for the Web
VC6901 Digital Photography Basics
VC7908 Package Design
VC7904 Publication Design & Typography
VC6902 Video
VC7300 Visual Design V: Sustainable Design

Year 0 / Semester 2

Studio Option
Course Code Title
VC8914 Advanced Publication Design and Typography
VC7911 Poster Design
VC7920 Studio Options Special Project
VC8916 User Experience Design

Year 0 / Unspecified

Studio Option
Course Code Title
VC7999 Studio Unspecified Credit L7
VC8999 Studio Unspecified Credit L8

Other Staff

No other staff on this group