Foundation Programme

Faculty of Foundation
Programme Title (Arabic) الشهادة في الإعداد الأكاديمي
Acronym / Abbreviation* CAP
Programme Code CAP4000 Programme Duration 1 Year/Cycle Programme Level Level 4
Award Category  
Effective From 2018/2019 Sem 2
Owner School of Foundation
Professional Body
No Programme Professional Body Recognition Assigned
Target Groups*
High School Graduates
Qualification Completion Requirements Criteria


Achievement of AP4203 English 2 and either AP4101 or AP4102 is required for entry into all Polytechnic degree level programmes.

Programme Overview*

The Foundation Programme prepares students for degree study. The Foundation Programme offers a flexible, innovative programme designed to meet students’ goals and learning needs. Students are placed in courses according to their academic requirements which will further develop numeracy and literacy, personal growth, and technical skills. Students will also become familiar with the Polytechnic environment and requirements of study at degree level.

The Programme plans to meet the individual learning needs of students in a supportive environment that enhances the development of confidence, and the ability to make informed decisions related to ongoing study options.

The Programme aims to raise students’ awareness of Bahrain’s labour market and to develop their future employability skills.


The Programme is flexible and designed to meet individual learning needs.  Students are assessed and placed according to their level in English and Maths.


The Foundation Programme has the following components of learning assessed in the following courses:


• English

•  Mathematics


In addition to preparatory courses for external assessments in English and Maths, a range of access courses related to individual degree paths may be available. Students will also have an opportunity to explore career options in conjunction with the degree programmes and industry representatives.


Entry and Selection*

General entry requirements such as secondary school achievements in; English and Mathematics are described in the Student Admission Policy A/AB/010. Students will be tested in English language skills and Mathematics by Bahrain Polytechnic.  The selection tests will assess whether students have sufficient competence in English and Mathematics to succeed in the Programme. These tests are also designed to discriminate students’ levels of ability for placement into the appropriate courses in Mathematics and English.

Specific entry requirements for this qualification, beyond those described in the Student Admission Policy are as follows:

  • Academic: Successful achievement in Bahrain Polytechnic English and Mathematics entry test or equivalent.

    • Achieving the required level in the Bahrain Polytechnic English and Mathematics Entry Tests.

Selection and Criteria and Process*
  • Selection Criteria:

    • Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, preference will be given to applicants who show the greatest potential for success, as demonstrated by their achievements in Entry Testing.

Major Selection Criteria*


Accreditation / External Approval Requirements*


Attendance Requirements*

Attendance requirements are described in the policy Student Attendance A/AB/006.


Qualification Overview*

This programme does not have a qualification associated.

Qualification Aim*
  • The aim of the programme is to develop student’s personal and academic skills to enable them to enter and succeed at degree level study in an area of their choice.  

  • The programme is planned to meet the individual needs of students in a supportive environment that enhances the development of confidence, and the ability to make informed decisions.

  • The programme aims to raise students’ awareness of Bahrain’s labour market and to develop the requisite employability skills as identified in the graduate profile.

Graduate Pathways and Destination*

NB. While no specifically targeted at other universities, this programme would prepare students for most undergraduate degree programmes in Bahrain

Pathways Diagram




Post graduate study



                        Diploma and Degree study




                              Foundation Programme

Other Information*



Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

Demonstrate and apply essential knowledge and academic study skills appropriate for entry to their target qualification.
Demonstrate basic numeracy skills required for degree entry.
Use written and oral communication at an appropriate level for admission to their chosen target qualification
Demonstrate development in the employability skills identified in the Graduate Profile: key employability skills

Semester Schedules

Year 1 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
AP4306 Information Communication Technology
AP5301 Personal Academic Learning

Year 1 / Semester 1 & 2

Course Code Title
AP4203 English 2
Course Code Title
AP3201 English 1
AP3101 Mathematics 1
AP4101 Mathematics 2 (General)
AP4102 Mathematics 2 (Technical)

Year 1 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
AP4001 Alexander the Great Logistician
AP4002‎ Business Essentials
AP4003 Business Success Stories
AP4302 Explore
AP4006 Physics for Engineering
AP4007 Visual Communication Primer
AP4005 Where on Earth Are We?