Certificate in Vocational Acceleration

Programme Title (Arabic) شهادة في برنامج التسريع المهني
Acronym / Abbreviation* CVA
Nature Not Applicable
Programme Code CVA5001 Programme Duration 1 Year/Cycle Programme Level Level 5
Programme Credits 110 Award Category Certificate
Effective From 2022/2023 Sem 2
Owner Junior College
Professional Body
Professional Body Recognition Status Effective From Interim Date Professional Bodies Contact Person Evidence
Employability Skills Yes 09/11/2022   Employability Skills    
Target Groups*
High School Graduates
Qualification Completion Requirements Criteria

Awarded where candidates have met all of the requirements below:

  • Successful completion of all courses listed in Schedule A.
  • Successful completion of 15 credits from courses listed in Schedule B.
  • Successful completion of 15 credits from courses listed in Schedule C.






Programme Overview*

The Certificate in Vocational Acceleration  (CVA) is a one year programme with 110 credits at NQF level 5. It has nine courses, five offered in semester 1 while four courses are offered in semester 2.  Theoretical and practical application of knowledge/skills are manifested in the following courses: Communication Skills 1, Workplace Mathematics 1, ICT, Market Yourself, Elective 1 (Fundamentals), Communication Skills 2, Workplace Mathematics 2, Work Placement 2, and Elective 2. All elective courses are focused on the specific field of discipline of the students.

Entry and Selection*

General entry requirements such as secondary school achievements, English and Mathematics are described in the Student Admission Policy A/AB/010. Specific entry requirement for this certificate, beyond those described in the Student Admission Policy includes:

- passing English and Mathematics Entry Tests at the required level

Selection and Criteria and Process*

Where there are more applicants who meet the programme entry criteria than can be accepted, the following shall be used:

  • Selection Criteria:

The placement test results shall determine if students are admitted to the chosen programme. Those who scored < A1 in English and <30% in Maths shall have the opportunity to join the institution through the Certificate in Vocational Acceleration.

Priority will be given to those completed Certificate in Academic Preparation if they wish to join this programme instead of pursuing a degree of study.

Major Selection Criteria*

Not Applicable

Accreditation / External Approval Requirements*

Not Applicable

Attendance Requirements*

Attendance requirements are described in the 'Student Attendance Policy A-AB-006.'

Qualification Overview*

The Certificate in Vocational Acceleration  Programme (CVA) is a one year programme with 110 credits at NQF level 5. It has nine courses, five offered in semester 1 while four courses are offered in semester 2. Theoretical and practical application of knowledge/skills are manifested in the different core courses within the programme while elective courses are focused on the specific field of discipline that students wish to specialized in.

Qualification Aim*

The programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive set of skills for employment in valuable business and industry settings. The vocational focus of this award is a blend of core competences of employability and technical principles and their applications in the market.

Graduate Pathways and Destination*

The pathways for the qualification are illustrated below: 

1. Learning 

  • Pre-Foundation Programme
  • Foundation Programme
  • Diploma/Associate Diploma/Bachelor's Degree Programmes               

2. Career

Specialization Career Pathways
Business Secretary
Office Administrator
Customer Service Representative
Engineering (Civil)   Construction Technician
Engineering (Mechanical)    Mechanical Technician Assistant
Machine operator Assistant  
Mechanical Maintenance Technician Assistant
Mechanical Store Keeper
Engineering (Vehicle Technology)     Junior Motor Vehicle Technician
Junior Auto Electrician
Auto Spare Part Sales  
Service Advisor Assistant
Auto Store Keeper
Engineering (Chemical)    
Assistant Lab Technician
Assistant Lab Analyst
Sales Associate
Engineering (Electrical) Junior Technician
Support Staff
Information and Communication Technology     Junior Computer Technician
Junior Network Technician
Junior Support Technician
Junior Sales Technician
Junior Customer Care Technician
Office Administrator
Art and Design (Graphic Design)    
Art Worker
Junior Graphic Designer
Junior Illustrator
Image Editor
Art and Design (Interior Design)  Junior Space Designer
Junior Coordinator for Interior related vendors
Travel and Tourism Front Office Staff
Ticketing and Reservation Staff






Other Information*

Employability Skills Generic Definition:

Communication Communicate in ways that contribute to productive and harmonious relationships across employees and customers.
Team work Work effectively independently and in collaboration with others.
Problem solving Think critically and respond appropriately to changing needs within a growing and diversifying economy.
Initiative and enterprise Apply resourcefulness, innovation and strategic thinking to a range of workplace situations.
Planning and organisation Plan and manage their working lives.
Self management Demonstrate self discipline and adaptability, and be able to plan and achieve personal and professional goals.
Learning Understand the need for and engage with continuous learning throughout the lifespan.
Technology Utilize information technology effectively and ethically in their personal and professional lives.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

Demonstrate generalized knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts, principles, and processes across relevant contexts and discipline.
Apply basic mathematical and statistical skills to solve discipline specific real life problems.
Communicate effectively across contexts.
Demonstrate ethical behavior in different work environments.
Use technology, tools, and equipment appropriate in the field of discipline.
Apply basic critical thinking and problem solving skills with some guidance from peers and/or workplace specialists.

Semester Schedules

Year 1 / Semester 1

Course Code Title
VA4101 Communication Skills 1
VA4104 Information and Communication Technology
VA4103 Market Yourself
VA4102 Workplace Mathematics 1
Course Code Title
VAPOPT1 VAP- Optional Courses

Year 1 / Semester 2

Course Code Title
VA5111 Communication Skills 2
VA5113 Work Placement
VA5112 Workplace Mathematics 2
Course Code Title
VAPOPT2 VAP- Optional Courses 2